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Finding a new home is an exciting experience! You’ve probably spent hours online, window shopping for homes and daydreaming about how fantastic living in your new space will be. However, you face a critical decision before pursuing your dream. Which real estate agent will represent you?

Is a remodeling project on your horizon? Whether you’re close to swinging a sledgehammer or just collecting ideas, you may be wondering if you can take steps to minimize the environmental impact of your project. 

bug house butterfly backyard

For many homeowners, spring means spending time outside and working on projects to make their yards more enjoyable and to attract desirable wildlife...including bugs?

Raised Bed Vegetable & Flower Garden

Many gardeners (and wannabes) are eager to get outside and start growing a fresh crop of backyard salad greens, vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Raised garden beds offer one of the best ways to grow your food, and they’re a doable DIY project for most homeowners.

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There are so many ways water can create problems for homeowners, ranging from minor aggravations to significant damage. But like many other aspects of home maintenance, prevention can eliminate extensive and costly repairs.

backyard deck renovation installation

With warmer weather on the horizon, many homeowners are gearing up for outdoor home improvements. But prioritizing projects is essential, especially when thousands of dollars are on the line. What’s the best way to pick your projects?

air purifier for home on table next to house plant

Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies, live with pets, or just want to improve your home’s air quality, you might want to buy an air purifier—or add units throughout your home. What should you know before you shop?

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When a mistake appears on your credit report, it could be harder to borrow money for a house, a car, and more. Lenders, landlords, insurance companies, and some employers rely on credit reports for background research. So, what should you know about checking your credit report?

portable power generator on a city street

Even though the power grid is mainly reliable, numerous things can take it down for hours or days. If you want to invest in a backup generator instead of remaining vulnerable, consider these essential questions before purchasing a unit.

home bar, stocked, liquor, spirits, tools

You don’t have to drop big bucks to have a home bar (although some people are!). Regardless of the home bar you have or want, here are five essential steps to help plan your next gathering.

whole house humidifier, installation

If you live in an arid climate or encounter seasonal winter dry spells, you may be frustrated by sinus problems, itchy skin, or cracks in your wood furniture and flooring. A whole-house humidifier integrated into your air ducts might offer the best solution.

female real estate agent holding model house

One of the most complex aspects of buying a home is mastering the language of the real estate industry. However, it’s not just a matter of learning new terminology. You may also need to unlearn a few things you thought you knew.

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No home is perfect. But there are many ways to make any home feel more lovable. Try these techniques for accentuating the positive and making meaningful, gratifying improvements.

dust on stairs, reducing dust, filtration, cleaning tips

No matter where you live, dust happens. But there are easy ways to prevent it from entering and spreading throughout your home.

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When interest rates increase, the monthly payment on a home can be significantly higher! But there's at least one way homebuyers can bring the rate down—for a price.

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Most agents call this initial meeting a buyer counseling session, and it’s essential for laying the groundwork for a successful real estate transaction. Each agent handles it differently, but here are four of the most common topics to expect.

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Does winter weather leave your skin parched, your lips cracked, or your sinuses aching? Fortunately, there are numerous ways to boost your home's humidity, depending on your needs and your budget.

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If you’re resolving to grapple with a messy and overstuffed closet, it’s essential to tackle the challenge from two directions—reducing your inventory and storing it more effectively. Here are five critical steps to accomplish both goals and leave your closet looking its best!

home bar, bar cart, dry bar, wet bar, furniture

Dedicating an area for serving drinks can inject a fun element to your decor and make entertaining more enjoyable. Plus, a home bar doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you don’t need a sink and stick with a dry bar. Here are five ways to add a bar that don’t require hiring a plumber.

natural vent, ventless fireplace, cozy sweater weather

Do you love the ambiance of a flickering fireplace but shy away from the hassle of stocking a wood pile, starting and maintaining a fire, and keeping a fireplace clean? Gas-fueled fireplaces have come a long way! Learn more about the most common types of systems and their trade-offs.