agent showing document to homebuying couple

Most people buy homes infrequently. First-time buyers don’t have any experience, and seasoned homeowners can easily forget details that may have changed since they last purchased a home. Buyer’s agents get it. There are, however, a few things buyer’s agents wish you DID already know…their desires for working together successfully and helping you find the perfect home.

rainwater harvesting, watering plants, outdoor garden,

Summer may be gardening and growing season, but if there’s too much heat and not enough rain, the season can be hard on your yard and wallet! Here are seven water- and money-saving options.

painting supplies, outdoor concrete patio painting, roller

Concrete patios and porches are durable, but they can become gray and dull over time. However, many homeowners are breathing fresh life into their patios with paint! It’s an excellent and affordable DIY project, and the possibilities are endless.