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If you’ve ever dug out landscaping beds in your lawn, you probably already know that left unchecked, the dividing line between these spaces can shift. To keep grass and mulch in place, consider these different approaches to edging your yard.

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We often take plumbing for granted… until there’s a problem. But a little routine maintenance can help prevent plumbing issues before they become significant problems. Here are five ways to minimize plumbing setbacks.

Temperatures are on the rise. After months of being cooped up indoors, many homeowners are eager to spend more time relaxing and entertaining outside. This is an ideal time to get a jump on summer and tackle your exterior spring cleaning and maintenance tasks!

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Many homebuyers are on the move, trading their current home for another one. Buying and selling in quick succession can be challenging, at best. But everything will go better if you begin preparing as early as possible, starting with your closets!

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Ready for an excellent impact-boosting project for your home? How about painting your front door? This DIY project can make a huge difference in your home’s “personality” and will instantly enhance curb appeal, especially if you paint your front door like a pro.


Owning a home is an excellent way to build wealth—as long as your home is adequately maintained. Some of those tasks take seconds to accomplish. Here are five easy but essential jobs to put on your daily, weekly, or monthly to-do list.

Buying a new home is an exciting option! But it also involves more steps and decisions than most existing-home transactions. Your new home buying experience can be more successful and enjoyable if someone is looking out for your interests.

Kitchens should be used and enjoyed. But over time, unsightly stains can appear on appliances and in your sink. Try using these cleaning tips to naturally remove food, rust, and other stains from three common kitchen culprits.

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Long before air conditioners were invented, people have relied on ceiling fans to circulate air and make rooms more comfortable in both summer and winter months. Fans have come a long way since then. What are some of the pros and cons to consider before deciding if you should add one to your home?

Look around your home, close your eyes, and make a mental list of everything you own. Few people can recall more than a small fraction of their home’s contents. But if you are the unfortunate victim of a major disaster, a home inventory can be an essential resource for quickly settling a homeowners insurance claim and returning to everyday home life.

Designed to protect the wall behind your stove and countertops, backsplashes can be fun and functional, offering an excellent opportunity to add a decorative focus to your kitchen and express your style. Here are six appealing options to consider adding to your home.

Residential flooding happens more frequently than many homeowners and homebuyers realize—and it’s a growing problem. If you want to assess a particular property’s flooding risk or insure your home against flooding, even if it isn’t in a high-risk area, consider talking to these experts for additional insights.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many new and would-be homebuyers are choosing properties far removed from dense city centers, where your home might be connected to a private septic system instead of public sewers. If you aren’t familiar with septic systems, what should you know?

What type of washing machine is best for you? The answer depends on your preferences, budget, and your laundry area space. If you want to invest in a new washing machine, consider these trade-offs.

Decorating your walls is an excellent way to add color and flair to your home and give your rooms a finished and welcoming appearance. Plus, artwork provides a unique opportunity to personalize your space with images that you love. Follow these steps for art hanging success!

If you're not a fan of your wood paneling, painting over it might be an excellent, budget-friendly option. Just make sure you're confident about this nearly nonreversible decision and follow these steps for the best results.

Flooding is the most common and expensive natural disaster in the U.S. It affects homeowners in every state, including properties that aren’t on coastlines or interior waterways. If you’re interested in buying a home or already own one, here are five facts to know regarding flooding.

Keeping your dishwasher in its best condition starts with developing good habits. But it's also important to select the right products. Here's how to make your dishwasher look great, smell fresh, and last longer.

Buying a home can feel overwhelming and confusing, especially when you encounter new and unfamiliar real estate terminology like “title insurance.” What is this form of insurance, and why is it necessary?

Nothing is quite as cozy or welcoming in your home as a wood-burning fireplace. Despite the joy that fireplaces can bring, it’s essential to remember that they are an open fire inside your home! So how can you maintain them to ensure safety and efficiency? Follow these steps!