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Watching birds outside your windows is one of the best ways to enjoy wildlife in the winter. So if you want to see more feathered friends and the greatest diversity of birds, follow these tips for attracting more traffic to your feeders.

condo insurance, buying a condominium, handing keys to condo, homebuying

If you decide you’d like to buy a condominium, you’ll probably need to purchase condo insurance, too. So, as a condo buyer, what do you need to know about this unique type of homeowners insurance policy?

winterize home, snow covered home, shoveling, freezing pipes

Your house needs help preparing for the changing seasons, especially if you live in an area where the temps can plummet and the snow can pile up. Get a jump on winter weather by taking these steps to safeguard your home.

comparative market analysis, housing prices, homebuying, home costs

No homebuyer wants to overspend on their new home. But if you’re interested in a particular property, how do you know if the listing price is fair?

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Today’s kitchen islands frequently serve multiple purposes beyond preparing food. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen and want to include an island, make sure it checks all the essential boxes!

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Pet owners may adore their furry companions but struggle to keep their homes clean. However, it’s much easier to win the daily battle against dog and cat hair with the right tools and strategies. Here’s how.

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Humans rely heavily on artificial lighting, especially at night. Sometimes, however, lights are excessive and do more harm than good. Here are five ways you can make a positive impact on light pollution.

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Mice might be wild creatures, but they’re happy to take up residence in a home, especially if it offers easy access to food and shelter. How can you tell if there’s a mouse in the house, and what should you do about it?

bulb planting, gardening, gloves, small shovel, plant

For flower lovers, fall is a bittersweet time. But it’s also an ideal time to get a head start on spring blooms by adding bulbs to your garden. Follow these tips to improve your results!

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Energy-efficient LED bulbs provide substantial energy-saving benefits. But if you're ready to switch your incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent lights, you'll need to learn several new terms before shopping for LED replacements.

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Savvy homebuyers know that one of the first essential steps is selecting a real estate professional to serve as your buyer’s agent—someone who matches your needs and your personality. These questions include many of the topics you’ll want to discuss.

bird feather outside window, window collision, bird safety

Large panes of glass can provide lovely, unimpeded views of the outdoors, but they often pose a deadly threat to birds. What can you do to reduce the risk of collisions?

flat roof, residential roofing, bitumen roofing,

Flat roofs are less common in residential construction than gabled roofs, but they're still an attractive option. So, what should you know about flat roofs if you’re new to them?

power washing, pressure washing, house maintenance, washing roof

Over time, the exterior of every house needs a good cleaning, and a power washer is often the best tool for the job. But what should you know first?

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It’s hard to top evenings around a campfire. But if you’re craving a fire pit in your yard, it’s essential to consider how to tackle your project. Take these steps to make sure your fire pit is a perfect fit.

kitchen cabinets, renovation, rehab, organization

You’ve been planning to remodel your kitchen for months, and the start date is finally approaching. What preparations will make it easier to give up your kitchen temporarily and keep your sanity once the dust starts flying?

condo building, home buying, outdoor space, condominium

Buying and owning a condo is different from purchasing a single-family home. These questions can help ensure you’re doing your homework and don’t overlook any fundamental concerns.

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Summer vacations are about temporary escapes and good times. But don’t let a vacation spell gloom and doom for your plants. With some planning, it’s easy to help them thrive while you’re away.

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Furnace filters play a vital role in protecting your furnace and improving indoor air quality. But when it's time to shop for more, the choices can feel overwhelming. What should you know to simplify your decision?

3d printed home, render, 3 dimensional,

3D printing has taken the world by storm, including corners of the housing industry. While 3D-printed homes are still rare, they inspire numerous thoughts and questions about this entirely new way to construct more affordable homes.