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There are many excellent reasons to become a homeowner, but it’s also essential to weigh practical factors. These questions can help ensure you’ve covered all the crucial bases before deciding if, when, and how you want to move forward with a home purchase. 

homestead tax exception

Even though taxes are necessary, you might be paying more than required if you can take advantage of a homestead tax exemption. Before digging into the specific details, it’s helpful to understand a few basic facts about these programs.

window shutters

Window shutters can provide an excellent opportunity for owners to add a splash of color or visual interest to their home's exterior. However, before adding new shutters or replacing your current ones, you may be considering these common questions.

hands planting backyard plants garden home

The last weeks of summer are an excellent time to take stock of the trees, shrubs, and perennials growing in your yard and potentially replace or add species. But what factors should you consider to ensure any new plants will survive and thrive?

wind damage tornado hurricane roof

If you live near the Atlantic coast or in “Tornado Alley,” you’ve probably wondered if your home is strong enough to withstand record-breaking winds unscathed. Fortunately, numerous preventative steps can potentially reduce Mother Nature’s destructive power.

outside patio backyard acid stain

Are you looking for ways to breathe life into a dull patio surface? Consider acid stains, one of the oldest methods to change concrete’s color. But first, it’s essential to get familiar with several of the most common questions homeowners ask about acid stains.

young girl taking out trash at home

There are many compelling reasons to buy a home, including building wealth and being able to customize your home to suit your lifestyle. But owning a home involves additional responsibilities, too. So if you’re trying to decide if you’re ready to buy—or want to ensure you’re doing everything you can to love and care for your home—consider these 10 key aspects of owning a home.

homeowners association neighborhood houses on circles

Homeowners associations can factor into various property purchases, from small, four-unit condo buildings to sprawling, gated golf communities. If you’re considering purchasing a home with an HOA, you’ll want to evaluate all the potential benefits and drawbacks.

man seasoning grill cooking meat and vegetables

Cooking outdoors doesn’t have to feel tricky. You can gain confidence and improve your results with several simple steps.

weeds growing in yard along fence

Weeds seem capable of growing anywhere and everywhere! But there are numerous effective ways to keep them at bay over the long growing season or remove them after sprouting.

Property tours are fun! You can imagine yourself living in new spaces and, perhaps, get a better understanding of what you want and need in a home. But it's also easy to make mistakes. For the best results, follow these tips.

backyard concrete patio

Patios are an excellent addition to any backyard and rate highly among homeowners’ outdoor remodeling projects. If you’re designing a new patio, one of your most important decisions is how to finish the surface.

french drain, shovel, digging, pipe

If a heavy rain brings too much water, it can saturate your yard or seep into your house, potentially causing significant damage. A French drain may be a practical solution to protect your home and eliminate unwanted groundwater.

credit inquiry, credit score, hard inquiry, soft inquiry, home loan

Numerous factors can improve or hurt your credit rating, including multiple hard credit inquiries. What should homebuyers know about credit ratings and inquiries to ensure they can secure the best financing?

Trendy outdoor patio pergola shade structure, awning and patio roof, dining table, chairs, metal grill surrounded by landscaping

In the northern hemisphere, summer is the height of the al fresco dining season, whether you grab a meal on a restaurant patio or prepare one at home—and your opportunities for at-home outdoor dining expand if you have a kitchen in your yard.

young girl cooling off in front of a fan

Summer is an ideal season for backyard cookouts and dips in the pool. But for many homeowners, it’s also a time when electricity bills soar along with the temps! Thankfully, there are numerous ways to dial down the stress and stay relaxed and comfortable.

agent showing document to homebuying couple

Most people buy homes infrequently. First-time buyers don’t have any experience, and seasoned homeowners can easily forget details that may have changed since they last purchased a home. Buyer’s agents get it. There are, however, a few things buyer’s agents wish you DID already know…their desires for working together successfully and helping you find the perfect home.

rainwater harvesting, watering plants, outdoor garden,

Summer may be gardening and growing season, but if there’s too much heat and not enough rain, the season can be hard on your yard and wallet! Here are seven water- and money-saving options.

painting supplies, outdoor concrete patio painting, roller

Concrete patios and porches are durable, but they can become gray and dull over time. However, many homeowners are breathing fresh life into their patios with paint! It’s an excellent and affordable DIY project, and the possibilities are endless.

flooded houses with boat navigating between

As a homeowner, you may face different weather-related risks depending on where you live. But there are many ways to protect your property and make it more resilient to weather hazards.