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You don’t have to leave your home to “get away from it all.” With a little planning, you can create a private spa experience and escape within the confines of your home. Here are eight simple ways to create a personal oasis.

Buying a home is a big deal. You want an agent by your side who can provide everything you want and need. (And probably a few other things you don’t yet realize you’ll need!) Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to research agents online. Here's how.

Everyone needs an occasional escape from the world, even in the solitude of their home. Dedicating space for a reading nook can be one of the best ways to create an at-home sanctuary. Here's how to make yours perfectly suited to your individual preferences.

Are you interested in buying a home that needs a new roof, an up-to-date bathroom, or other substantial improvements? Sometimes, homes requiring a little tender loving care offer excellent values to buyers. Fortunately, there are several attractive government-affiliated renovation loan programs that help buyers find extra money for upgrades.

Do you love the appearance of stone, tile, or hardwood floors but don’t like the price or the upkeep? Fortunately, manufacturers now offer a wide array of budget-friendly and easy to maintain options that successfully mimic the warm look of wood, the solid look of stone, or the visual impact of ceramic tile.

Fair Housing laws prohibit discriminatory practices and help you achieve the dream of homeownership on your own terms. Learn how the laws may impact your search for a home.

Renovating your home to accommodate your fur babies is an excellent way to enhance your home’s appearance and functionality while also improving your pet’s life. Whether your family includes dogs, cats, or both, there are are many ways to improve your space!

Smart buyers gain an edge by selecting an agent *before* they start shopping for homes. That way, you’ll have a skilled professional at your side, helping you navigate the process. But how do you find the right agent?

Buying a house is a significant commitment. It requires investing virtually all your savings and anchoring yourself to a particular community. It’s a decision driven by numerous financial factors—both personal and broader economic issues—as well as emotional considerations. If you’re on the fence, these questions may help you sort out several of the most important financial factors.

First impressions matter. Your front door often creates a lasting impression on your visitors, on your neighbors, and even on you. Why not let that impression be stylish and impactful? There are many options to choose from!

Once you’ve moved into your house and unpacked most of your things, you may be eager to host a housewarming party. It’s a great way to introduce your new home to family and friends—and meet your new neighbors.

Does your pantry resemble a disaster zone? No worries. Storage areas are notorious for becoming messy and disorganized. Here are a dozen steps that will help you bring perfection to your pantry and keep it in tip-top shape!

The popularity of smart home technology and the simplicity of “plug-and-play” options for cameras, sensors, and remote door intercoms have prompted many homeowners to install their own home security systems. These questions can help ensure you buy the right system for your current and future needs.

Most buyers include a home inspection contingency in their purchase offer. It’s a crucial step that will alert you to problems that may need to be addressed, like malfunctioning appliances or cracks in the foundation. What should you include in your repair requests? What’s asking too much?

Buying a home involves learning the lingo of the real estate market. It’s especially important to get up to speed if you’re close to submitting an offer since purchase offers are legally binding contracts. Here are ten of the most common contract clauses.

Buying a house is a significant financial investment. After saving for a down payment and closing costs, you’ll also need to be ready for several other major expenditures once you’ve received the keys to your new home. Here are a few things to consider and rough estimates.

There are many reasons to tackle a remodeling project. For homeowners, which projects brought the most joy? Which ones provide the best value? Recent research from the National Association of REALTORS® helps answer these and other questions.

Are you a fan of home fragrances? If yes, you're in good company! However, along with growing popularity, there has been increasing concern about potential risks to indoor air quality. If you want your home to smell good while preserving a healthy environment, here are seven preferable options.

Does a walk around the outside of your house trigger a list of like-to-do or need-to-do remodeling projects? If you’re making decisions that involve your roof, walls, windows, or doors, it may be helpful to check out new research from the National Association of REALTORS®.

Are you in the market for new carpet or rugs? If your top priority is maintaining a chemical-free, natural environment, you may want to explore floor coverings made from plant- or animal-based fibers instead of synthetic options. Here are a few possibilities.