5 Steps for Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

Everyone needs an occasional escape from the world, even in the solitude of their home. Dedicating space for a reading nook can be one of the best ways to create an at-home sanctuary. Make yours perfectly suited to your individual preferences. Here’s how:

STEP ONE: Select the ideal location

Your reading nook needs to be a place where you, or another family member, can temporarily disappear from the rest of your home to chill with a book in comfort and solitude. Few things are more irritating than being engrossed in an enjoyable book, only to be repeatedly interrupted by other people or house activities.

Turn your eye toward tucked away spaces in the attic, the corner of a guest room or study, or even the end of a seldom-used hallway.

You may want to find a spot with a large window framing a good view. Or you may prefer a darker area so that you can cuddle up with a book like a bear in a cave. It all depends on how you like to read.

Once you have found the best place, create your space.

STEP TWO: Find the perfect chair

Comfort is essential. The best chair depends on how you like to read. You may prefer a daybed, a recliner, a window seat, a wingback chair with an ottoman, or a rocking chair.

There is no wrong choice. Just be sure that whatever you select is best for you. Your reading nook is not the place for that extra chair you stuck in the garage.

If you don’t already have a favorite chair, invest in one, so you can create the ideal space to enjoy your next book!

STEP THREE: Accommodate the extras

If you prefer reading physical books, you should include bookshelf space in your nook. A tall shelf provides easy access to all your favorites, but a shorter version delivers a convenient surface to hold the book you are currently reading.

If you prefer reading on an electronic device, include a place to store and use your charging cables. You may also want to include a stand to hold your tablet at eye level and keep your hands free.

No matter which platform you prefer, the most enjoyable reading nooks also have space for a drink (water, iced tea, a cup of coffee, hot tea, or cocoa) and enough surface space for a snack. (After all, reading and relaxing is often improved by snacking!)

STEP FOUR: Let there be light

If there’s enough surface space beside your chair, you may want to use a table lamp. Otherwise, consider a floor lamp.

If your nook is tiny, a sconce or an adjustable wall-mounted lamp can keep your reading material illuminated.

Whatever you choose, be sure your light source can be positioned so you can read without eye strain. Your reading nook should be all about comfort!

STEP FIVE: Involve all the senses

If you want the ultimate reading nook, make it a delight for all your senses.

Add a cozy rug and a throw that’s a joy to touch.

Make sure the colors and textures are pleasing to the eye.

Add essential oils or a vase of fresh flowers that smell amazing.

Create a reading playlist and let your favorite instrumental sounds waft through your space.

Sip herbal tea or enjoy another flavorful treat.

Sink into the experience and let yourself cozy up and revel in the luxury of this out of the way nook where you can hide from the world and explore new literary ones. Enjoy!