5 Ways to Love the Closet You Have

You love your house, but your bedroom closet leaves something to be desired. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way!

Storage space always seems to be at a premium. And the more space we have, the more we tend to fill it.

Bedroom closets, in particular, are often less than ideal. If you own an older home, this can be especially true.

Here are five great ways to appreciate the closet you have—and maybe even love it.

1. Remove everything that doesn’t belong.

Getting dressed each morning will instantly become easier once you remove everything that has landed in your closet but doesn’t belong there.

Closets have a way of becoming the perfect “out of sight, out of mind” location for many items. Do you throw things there when unexpected guests arrive? Are there items that don’t have a “dedicated” home elsewhere that seem to land in your closet? (I’m looking at you sentimental gift box, and YOU vacuum cleaner!)

Remove anything that doesn’t legitimately belong in your closet.

2. Remove everything you aren’t wearing now.

Your closet is prime real estate in your home. Reserve it for the items you use routinely. This includes any “out of season” clothes that can be boxed and stored elsewhere.

Quit depressing yourself each morning by facing clothes that you hope will fit “someday.” It’s like starting your day with a punch to your self-esteem. No one needs that.

If you can’t bear to donate things that are too small (or too large) because you may be able to wear them again someday, pack them into boxes, label them, and put them in harder-to-access storage spaces. An attic, basement, garage, or a closet in a room you seldom use are all excellent options.

If you aren’t wearing something because it needs to be repaired, either mend it this week, send it out for repair, or toss it.

If you have “sentimental” t-shirts or other clothing that you never wear but can’t bear to toss, pack them up too, label them,  and add them to your out-of-the-way storage space.

If you have shoes or accessories you don’t wear, donate them. If you think you might need them soon, pack them in a box and label them with a date that’s six months away. If you haven’t had to sift through that box when the date arrives, you can donate those items secure in the knowledge that you didn’t need them after all.

3. Organize it!

Once you have eliminated everything you don’t need, it’s time to invest in organizational products that will make it easier to find your items that don’t belong on hangers, like shoes and accessories.

Don’t go wild here. Less is more where organizing is concerned. You don’t want to clutter up your closet with bins and baskets.

Plus, if you buy organizational containers before you know what you need, you will likely find ways to fill them—and be back to a closet full of stuff you don’t use regularly.

Do invest in attractive, well-made hangers. Your favorite, go-to clothes deserve the best! Suitable hangers will make your closet look better, make it more pleasant to arrange your things, and help your clothes last longer.

Thin, wire hangers from the cleaners and cheap plastic hangers aren’t sturdy enough to help clothes hold their shape. Plus, they can leave damaging hanger marks.

Organize your closet by item type and by color. Hang all your pants in one section, arranged from the lightest to the darkest color—ditto for skirts and dresses.

Arrange your tops in light-to-dark sections, starting with sleeveless tanks and ending with long-sleeve tops, cardigans, and jackets.

You will find what you want in seconds, and your closet will look beautiful and organized every time you open it.

4. Keep everything visible.

Dark closets are not loveable. If your closet doesn’t have a light, install one!

These days, you don’t need to be an electrician to add lighting. There are excellent battery-operated LED options. Some turn on and off with the push of a button, while others use motion sensors.

There’s no need to get dressed in the dark or find out, after you left the house, that your top is blue while your bottom is black—when you intended to wear navy on both halves of your body.

Keep the floor clear of shoes and other items. Storing things below your hanging clothes inevitably ends up making closets look and feel dirty because it requires too much effort to vacuum.

Put a hamper in or beside your closet to help ensure dirty clothes are never tossed on the closet floor.

5.  Make it pretty. Make it yours.

Closets don’t have to be boring! If eggshell blue is your favorite color (or lavender, or silver, or lime green), feel free to paint your closet walls to match your personality—even if the rest of your home is neutral or “tame,” in comparison. After all, your closet space is reserved for you (and maybe your better half).

Transforming your closet is an excellent weekend project. In a matter of a day or two, you can take your closet from “ho-hum” to “wow!”