10 Clever Ways to Reduce Clutter and Maximize Storage Space in Your Home

A clutter-free and organized home looks appealing and contributes to a stress-free lifestyle every day of the year! But turning chaos into calm requires deliberate effort, creativity, and utilizing every available inch of space.

Here are ten clever ways to reduce clutter and maximize your storage space.

1. Multi-Functional Furniture

Invest in double-duty furniture and accessories. For example, if you need a floor lamp, choose one that includes a small table or shelves. Select a storage bench with a hinged lid to collect scattered toys and provide extra seating. Pick a headboard with built-in shelving in your bedroom and take advantage of everyone’s favorite storage space—under the bed! 

2. Vertical Storage Solutions

Install floating shelves on walls to display decorative items or store books used less frequently. Utilize tall bookshelves or cabinets with a small (or no) footprint to make the most of the height of your rooms while keeping the floor space open.

3. Hanging Storage

Hooks, pegs, and hanging organizers can be your best friends in reducing clutter. Install hooks on the back of doors or in closets for items like bags, hats, or scarves. Use hanging organizers in closets for shoes, accessories, or even cleaning supplies. Install a second, side-by-side shower curtain rod for hanging bath towels.

4. Under-Stair Storage

If you have stairs in your home, consider utilizing the space underneath. Install drawers or cabinets to store shoes, bags, or seasonal items. This often-overlooked space can provide a surprising amount of storage.

5. Declutter Regularly

Create calendar reminders to assess your belongings and declutter regularly, donating or selling items you no longer use or need. Keep your system simple by tackling one room each month. Then, when you complete one cycle, start over in the first room.  

6. Kitchen Organization

Use cabinet organizers, pull-out shelves, and vertical dividers to maximize space in the kitchen. Look for clever ways to add storage. Labeling containers and organizing pantry items can also contribute to a neater kitchen. 

7. Floating Desks

Consider a floating desk that folds away when not in use for home offices or workspaces. Wall-mounted shelves and cabinets above the desk can provide additional storage without taking up floor space.

8. Discover Hidden Opportunities 

Reevaluate every room, closet, and cabinet, looking for any unused nooks and crannies where you can add storage. This might include the space above kitchen cabinets, under the sink, or between appliances. Create customized storage solutions to fit these unique spaces.

9. Invest in Storage Baskets and Bins

Decorative baskets and bins are visually appealing and help keep items organized. With a wide selection of wood, wicker, metal, leather, and fabric-covered containers, it’s fun and easy to make style statements. Behind cabinet and closet doors, transparent and durable storage containers are often more practical.

10. Digitalize and Streamline

Consider digitalizing paperwork and files to reduce the need for physical storage in today’s digital age. Embrace e-books and digital media to minimize the space required for books and DVDs. This saves physical space and reduces the need for additional storage furniture.