No Pantry? No Problem! Try One of These Kitchen Storage Solutions

Who doesn’t love a well-organized kitchen pantry? With all your supplies handy and easy to find, it's simpler and more enjoyable to cook a variety of healthy meals.

Plus, eating at home saves money. On average, restaurant meals cost five times more than cooking from scratch at home.

But what if you don’t have dedicated pantry space? There are many smart ways to create a pantry, even when working with a tiny kitchen.

Claim Unused Kitchen Space

Peruse your kitchen for any open wall space and other spots where storage can be added. Open shelves offer ease of access, but doors reduce visual clutter. It’s a matter of personal preference and your kitchen’s layout.

One advantage of shelving is that with so many shapes and size options, even a small section of wall space can be used to add pantry storage, whether you use a freestanding unit or mount shelves on the wall.

Select the tallest storage unit you can. Vertical storage is an excellent option when space is at a premium. If you’re using a tall freestanding unit, be sure to secure it to a wall to prevent tipping, since shelves of canned goods can be quite heavy.

Tall? Yes! Deep? Not so much. Resist the temptation to select a deep cabinet. It’s easier to keep a pantry well organized on shallow shelves, reducing the likelihood that items will get “lost” behind other foodstuffs.

If you have space between your refrigerator and a wall, consider adding a skinny pull-out pantry shelf to make use of it.

If your kitchen has an island, try creating pantry space below, using pull-out shelves and baskets to make deep storage more convenient and organized.

Look Beyond Your Kitchen

There’s no rule that a pantry must be located within a kitchen, especially if it is small. Consider using a hallway or adjacent room, where your cooking supplies will still be close and convenient.

Maybe a linen closet near the kitchen can be repurposed as a pantry? Or perhaps you can position freestanding storage near your dining area or living space, disguised as a beautiful cabinet.

If your laundry area is adjacent to the kitchen, you may be able to create your perfect pantry by installing shelves or adding a storage cabinet.  

Likewise, you could make a home office do double-duty by converting one section of wall space into a freestanding cabinet or a shallow, built-in unit with doors.

You’ll gain a substantial pantry and improve the appearance of your office. Plus, visitors will never know!  

A wide or long hallway may also provide opportunities to add a shallow built-in or freestanding pantry unit.

If your garage is adjacent to the kitchen and stays climate controlled, you may be able to add a pantry there. But beware of storing food in any area that gets too hot or too cold, since it can cause spoilage.

The area under your staircase, if outfitted with pull-out cabinet shelves, can create an enviable pantry in space that is underutilized in many homes.

No matter where you create your pantry, make it a priority to keep it organized so you’ll enjoy cooking more and prevent expired food from landing in the garbage.

If you want to save money and encourage healthy eating, adding pantry space in your home will certainly help, even if you have a small kitchen.