Pick Your Perfect Front Door Color

Your front door plays a pivotal role in generating the first impressions of your home. Color is one of the easiest ways to shape those impressions. When choosing a color, consider options that can substantially improve curb appeal, express your personality, or both!

Bold, bright colors can add dramatic flair, whereas muted or traditional shades offer a refined, classic approach.

Often, geography impacts the colors most frequently selected for front doors. For example, you are more likely to see pinks, lavenders, sunflower yellows, and turquoise blues in beachside communities, whereas colonial blues, blacks, and grays are more common in historic districts.

But your color choice shouldn’t be limited by geography. Pick a color that appeals to you, whether it’s traditional black, hot pink, forest green, cobalt blue, or royal purple.

The color you select for your front door can stand on its own. It doesn’t have to match the other trim work on your home, but it shouldn’t clash.

Beyond White

If you want to turn a commonplace white, off-white, or sandstone door into an entrance that makes a stronger color statement, here are several options that might trigger different reactions from visitors, neighbors, or future buyers:


Green is one of the most popular colors for doors in Great Britain, where it’s considered a welcoming hue that symbolizes prosperity and generosity.

Depending on the shade you select, green can be classic (dark forest green), it can reflect the plants surrounding your home (sage green in a desert setting), or cast a beachy vibe (seafoam green).


Blue front doors can impart calm feelings and exude trust. Deep blue and blue-gray shades offer an aura of serenity and embody a nautical ambiance.

Since blue is on the cooler end of the color spectrum, the shade could appear less welcoming. So, if you’d rather not be bothered by solicitors or other uninvited folks, blue might be your best choice!


Red doors have always been a popular choice. They can give your home a classic pop of bold color that attracts attention from the curb. Historically, red doors also indicate a place of protection.

In Chinese culture and early U.S. history, red front doors symbolized a warm place where travelers were welcome.

In Scotland, it was common to paint the front door red when the occupant had paid off the mortgage and owned the home “free and clear.”


Black front doors can be dramatic and elegant, offering a feeling of secure protection.

Be aware that painting some doors black, especially south-facing doors, can risk warping the door since the color absorbs more light and heat. Some door manufacturers will not honor their warranties if you paint the door black.

Incidentally, black may be an excellent choice if you are planning to sell your home soon. According to Zillow survey of homes sold in 2018, houses with dark doors (ranging from dark charcoal to jet black) sold, on average, for over $6,000 more than homes with other front door colors.

To Shine or Not To Shine?

Traditionally, glossy finishes have been used for front doors. Eggshell or matte finishes are more modern but may show scuff marks more readily.

A semi-gloss finish may be your best choice. It will reflect light, resist scuffs, and highlight door details without drawing attention to brushstrokes or imperfections in the door’s surface.

Feng Shui and Your Front Door

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of balancing a home’s interior with natural elements. According to this practice, if you want to bring good fortune to your home, you should choose a door color based on the direction it faces:

  • North facing doors should make a statement with blue or black
  • East facing doors are best suited for natural brown or green
  • South facing entrances should be a fiery red or orange
  • West facing doors should be neutral, using white or gray

It’s Up to You!

Whatever color you select, your front door should be a proud statement of your style, be it bright and bold, relaxed and calm, or warm and natural. Select the perfect color for you and yours.

Remember, front door colors are an easy way to accent and alter your home’s appearance. So, if you grow tired of a new color, you can change it without a great deal of effort and try something different!