Light Up Your Outdoor Spaces for Summer Fun!

Set the stage for your next outdoor event or evening alone with the perfect light. Mood lighting is all the rage in exterior spaces. It’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to let your yard glow with ambiance!

The options are endless. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Decorative Small Solar Garden Light

Solar Lights

If you prefer no wires and no batteries, you’ll be happy to know there have been dramatic improvements in residential solar lighting in recent years. Check out the extensive range of options, from tiny fairy lights and sidewalk edging lamps to stand-alone lanterns or long strings of novelty lights.

You’ll also find LED torches that flicker like a live flame or lights that throw patterns and change colors. Some are motion-activated. Others come on automatically when it gets dark.

 String lights on a fence

Clear Bulbs

Perhaps the most popular outdoor lighting option is one or more strands of clear glass (or plastic) bulbs shaped in round globes or the longer bistro style. Look for traditional incandescent bulbs or newer LED versions that replicate the effect of old-fashioned filament bulbs.

If you choose the LED version, pay attention to the color of the light. Some cast a yellow tone while others project a whiter light. Also, if you want more control over the mood your lights create, make sure the bulbs can be dimmed and are compatible with your switch.

Strands of clear, outdoor bulbs are incredibly versatile. Attach them to your porch overhang, along the top of your fence, from the underside of your patio umbrella, or even from tall shepherd hooks positioned around your entertainment area.

House with clear light at night

Create a Room with Light

Walls and doors aren’t needed when you “build” a room with strands of light! You and your guests can come and go by walking through the light on any side!

To create your outdoor room, map out a plan for attaching the strands to existing structures like a corner of your house or a tree or new freestanding posts. If you add poles, be sure to set them firmly in the ground or include bracing.

Long icicle or curtain lights can also be effective in creating outdoor rooms, giving additional definition and visual allure to your “walls.”

Tree Lights

Lights hanging from trees are delightful! If you have a large tree in your yard, add Chinese lanterns or other novelty lamps to the boughs. The result is stunning! Clip-on options are available for solar-powered, rechargeable, and battery-powered versions.  

Create a bolder light effect in your backyard by wrapping one or more tree trunks and branches with mini lights. If you want something slightly different, consider adding a weatherproof chandelier to a strong limb and positioning a table below for outdoor dining!

Classic, Charming Candles

Candles are always on point when entertaining or to enhance a quiet evening alone. They are incredibly enticing in your yard.

To protect the flames from breezes, consider using enclosed candle “lanterns” or mason jars with rocks or sand in the bottom to hold the candles safely in place.

Also, if children are in your home—or your yard—you may want to skip any open flames.