5 Fun and Easy Parties to Host Around Your Fire Pit

Are you the proud owner of a fire pit in your yard—or a freestanding unit on your patio, porch, or deck? As summer turns to fall, the flickering flames of a fire pit offer an ideal spot to host an outdoor gathering. All you need to do is pick a theme and add some music.

Here are five fun and easy entertaining options!

1. Keep it Simple with a Hot Dog Roast

Instead of hosting a complicated, stressful gathering, invite your friends to gather around your fire pit for a super satisfying and straightforward hot dog roast.

First, pick up a dozen wooden roasting sticks for a few dollars at your nearby crafts store. Or, spend a few bucks more on reusable metal roasting forks.

Purchase plenty of your favorite hotdogs and buns, or select a variety of gourmet sausages and artisanal buns.

Arrange everything on a buffet with several sides, stoneware plates, and a floral centerpiece. Or, keep it super casual with paper plates, chips, and condiments served from their original squeezable containers.

Music Suggestions: Modern or Classic Country

2. Have a S’mores Event

Do you prefer a late-night celebration, long after the dinner hour, but need an easy entertaining idea? Consider inviting your friends over for a s’mores party.

Provide graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars, and some equally rich and satisfying beverages.

A s’mores party works well now or later in the fall when temperatures drop further. In cool weather, offer hot cocoa, tea, and coffee instead of icy beverages.

Music Suggestions: Soft or Classic Rock

3. Host a Tea Tasting

Instead of using your fire pit for cooking, light it up solely for the warmth and ambiance it provides and host a tea tasting. Select five to seven types of tea for your guests to sample.

Go high-brow with china cups, saucers, and elegant cookies, or keep it casual with heavy mugs and a selection of oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies (or perhaps muffins or slices of pound cake).

Be sure to provide comfortable seating and enough room for everyone to sit close to the fire pit to keep any evening chill at bay while they sip their favorite teas.

Music Suggestions: Smooth Jazz or Light Classical

4. Run Hot and Cold with Ice Cream

Consider mixing a toasty fire with a banana split or an ice-cream sundae bar. Invite your guests to join you for a chilly treat after dark.

You can go with traditional vanilla ice cream and toppings such as strawberry sauce, pineapple, chocolate syrup, marshmallow cream, chopped nuts, and whipped cream—with cherries for the top. Of course!

Want to take it up a notch? Try Italian ice flavors and offer fresh fruit and berry toppings with a tablespoon of fruity liquor drizzled on top. Serve your sundaes in chilled crystal bowls with silver spoons!

Or, host an ice-cream tasting party with a dozen flavors of gourmet ice cream served in shot glasses with small tasting spoons. Ask your guests to vote on their favorites.

If you want to get your guests involved in the preparations, ask everyone to bring their favorite gourmet ice cream and award a “best in class” prize to the guest who brings the winning vote-getting flavor.

Music Suggestions: Soft Rock or Pop Music

5. Make Margaritas on a Monday

Invite your margarita-loving family and friends for an unexpected party—on a manic Monday! Bring your favorite people together around your fire pit and pass out your best margaritas. (Feel free to compare the challenges that Mondays often bring while sipping away!)

Want to dress it up a bit? Be creative! Set up a margarita bar with various flavor mixes, syrups, salt, sugar rim dips, slices of lemon, lime, orange, strawberries, or other toppings to customize the classic libation.

A margarita machine (owned, borrowed, or rented) will make it easy to host this party without spending all your time tending the bar.

Music Suggestions:  Jimmy Buffet classics or Latin American genres

Regardless of what type of party you want to host around your fire pit, be sure to select a playlist that matches your tastes and the vibe you hope to create.

A quality Bluetooth speaker makes it easy to play your list from your computer, tablet, or cell phone. (Be sure to silence any calls!) Carefully selected music can set the mood for your gathering as much as your fire pit, so choose well!

Finally, make sure you have an abundant supply of dried and split firewood on hand, so it’s easy to keep the party flames going until your guests have parted.