How to Host a Memorable Backyard Movie Party

Summer is the perfect time to entertain under the stars, and movies are an excellent way to bring friends, family, and neighbors together for an unforgettable evening. To earn a standing ovation for your silver screen event, consider three essential steps for hosting the best outdoor movie party.

1. Pull Together Your Movie Equipment

If your backyard is fenced, you may already have a perfect place to hang a sheet and create a big-screen experience for your guests—right on the fence! 

If you don’t have a fence, try getting creative. For example, hang your sheet from the edge of your deck or the top of your porch. Or, drape it between two second-story windows. Of course, you can also skip the sheet and project the movie directly onto the side of your house!

Movie projectors that attach to a computer, or even your tablet or phone, have become quite affordable. Just choose a model that can create the experience you desire.

Some models can play directly from a thumb drive, a DVD player or stream via wifi or Bluetooth. These tiny devices can bring your favorite streaming service to the big screen in your backyard. 

2. Pick a Theme

If your movie night follows a meal, try coordinating your food with the movie. For example, an old French black and white film with subtitles works well with Nicoise salad, Ratatouille, a chocolate mousse for dessert, and wine—lots of wine!

If you want to relive your childhood favorites, consider a movie marathon showing two or three entries in a series like Star Wars, Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings, Home Alone, Harry Potter, or your favorite superhero movies.

Be sure to serve copious amounts of popcorn and soda and a selection of classic movie candies like M&Ms, Mike and Ike, Good & Plenty, Sno-Caps, and Whoppers to keep the vibe going all night.

Want to make it even more memorable? Include snacks that match the movie. For instance, you can offer golden candy rings for your Lord of the Rings marathon. Give your Harry Potter audience the magic of rock candy wands.

Or, dig up some classic 1950s candy for a backyard Back to the Future night. Not sure what to include? Just do a quick internet search for “1950s candy“.

3. Keep It Comfy

If your party is small and you already own enough comfortable lawn furniture to accommodate guests, simply arrange it for movie viewing.

To add more space for people to relax, stretch out, and get comfortable, throw a tarp on the ground and cover it with a large area rug. Then pile up floor pillows, blankets, beanbags, inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags, or any other comfy, lounge-worthy accessories for your guests.

If you have a tree swing or hammock, you can add pillows to create more lounging spots.

No matter how you decide to theme your event, enjoy this unique opportunity to kick back with friends and relax under the stars!