3 Reasons to Boost Curb Appeal, Even If You Aren’t Selling

Perhaps you just bought your house. Or maybe you’ve lived in your home for years, and have no plans to move. Why should you, happy property owner, worry about something as “sales-driven” as your home’s curb appeal?

1. You Will Enjoy Your Property More

Your home is your castle; it’s your reprieve from the rest of the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if you saw it at its best whenever you returned after a long day’s work?

Over time it’s easy to become so accustomed to your home’s appearance, which is why you must first take a step back and pretend you’re gazing upon it with fresh eyes, pretending you’re a first-time visitor. There are many ways to improve your home’s curb appeal, but for starters, make sure you’ve covered these bases:

Keep it clean – pressure wash the siding, clean the windows, sweep the front porch and walks, pick up any debris.

Tame the greenery – mow and edge the yard, trim the bushes and trees, weed the flowerbeds and other areas as needed, freshen mulch each spring.

Spruce it up – touch up any trim-work that needs attention, repaint your front door if needed, check the condition of your mailbox, resurface your driveway, repair any issues with your walkway.

Make the lighting shine – clean any glass panels or shades, remove cobwebs, and check for burned-out bulbs; replace any corroded or damaged fixtures.

Many people don’t really worry about these nitty-gritty first impressions when it comes to their home until a real estate agent tells them it will impact their bottom line. Why wait until you’re ready to sell your property to make it look its best?

2. It Makes You a Better Neighbor

It’s always preferable to have neighbors who care about the condition of the neighborhood, rather than people who let their property fall into decline. Do your best to be a good neighbor!

And remember, even if you’re planning to stay, your neighbors may be planning to sell. If your property looks unkempt or disheveled, you may be pulling down their property’s potential selling price.

3. Improve Your Property’s Value Over the Long Haul

Sure, you may not be planning to sell now, but your home is easily the biggest single investment you will make. Maintaining your home’s “curb appeal” will continue improving its value—and, by extension, the overall value of properties in your neighborhood.

Consider adding the basic “curb appeal” steps, above, to your annual home maintenance checklist to be a be a good neighbor, to protect your investment, and to ensure that your home is always welcoming to you and the people who matter most!