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10 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Entryway

When you step inside your front door, what do you see? Does your entry feel like a calm, welcoming oasis, or is it more like an in-and-out dump zone? Unfortunately, it’s easy to see your foyer as “just passing through” space. 

But this small area sets the tone for the rest of your home. It allows your comings and goings to flow more smoothly—and to make a positive first impression on houseguests and other visitors.

If you’re frustrated with your foyer and want it to look and perform better, here are ten ways to make improvements. 

1. Maximize closet space.

If you already have a closet in your entry, make sure it’s well organized. You may need to empty and declutter your closet before arranging essential coats, hats, gloves, umbrellas, and shoes onto hangers and into storage bins. Save a little space to hang guests’ jackets, too!


2. Add storage.

If you don’t have adequate storage space in your entry, explore ways to add it. A few attractive hooks on the walls might be all you need. If not, consider ways to add built-in storage along a wall—or by cutting into a wall and stealing space from the room behind it.

3. Hang a mirror.

If your foyer feels too small, a mirror will reflect light and help it appear larger. Oversized mirrors can enhance the illusion even more while doubling as a statement art piece. Plus, any mirror near the front door is a convenient way to check your appearance before leaving home.

4. Add a small table.

It’s easier to change in and out of jackets, hats, and gloves if you have a convenient place to drop whatever you may be carrying temporarily. Ideally, your hallway table should be durable enough that it won’t be damaged if a damp water bottle or a steamy pizza delivery box is set on it!

5. And a chair or a bench, too.

Having a dedicated spot for changing shoes near the front door is also helpful, especially if you adhere to a “no shoes” policy inside your home.

6. Dedicate space for personal essentials.

To avoid last-minute searches for keys, billfolds, sunglasses, and other items that often travel with you, devote a small drawer or a basket to storing these things out of sight (but not out of mind!).

7. Create more light.

If your entryway doesn’t have adequate overhead lighting, try positioning a small lamp on your hall table, even if you don’t have a wall outlet. Fortunately, you can find numerous battery-operated and rechargeable table lamps now. Additionally, if you want more natural light in your entryway, consider replacing your door with one that includes glass.

8. Paint the walls. 

A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into a foyer, especially if the walls are scuffed or damaged from all the traffic in and out of your home. Go lighter if you want the space to appear larger and brighter. Or, use darker, intense colors and embrace the opportunity to make a bold statement.

9. Select a new rug.

If you paint the walls, you’ll probably want to find a new rug for the floor. Look for something that strikes a perfect balance of attractive and functional—something that looks nice but captures dirt and is easy to clean.

10. Decorate!

Perhaps the most enjoyable way to enhance your entryway is to select fresh, decorative items that reflect your unique style and make you smile when you return home. Consider prioritizing a statement piece, such as a large painting, a wall sculpture, a macrame wall hanging, or a large photo collage, when making your decorating decisions.